-Raising tomorrow’s leaders
through effective education
and sportsmanship


To discover – the
undiscovered potentials and talent ___

Ofori Academy Foundation is non-governmental organisation which seek to develop – the un-develop potentials and talent

We stand to discover – undiscovered talent of the less privilege people. OAF wants to discover and develop potentials and talent for them to become world leading leaders.

Ofori’s Academy foundation is down to earth non – governmental organisation, we are organizing and nurturing people from all walks of life, we discover to develop.

Our research shows that God has deposited gifts in us but millions of people have not discovered and thousands also don’t have support.

Ofori Academy Foundation is there to give back to the society for supporting his career and his entire life, Is there to assist the discovered and to discover the undiscovered.


Assuring every soul of His God given talent ___

Our research shows that God has deposited gifts in us but millions of people have not discovered and thousands also don’t have support.

Raising tomorrow’s leaders through effective
education and sportsmanship ___

The football foundation is one of the largest foundations in Kumasi, helping young talents to mainstream football both in Ghana and abroad. The foundation is funded by EBENEZER OFORI, the Ghana black stars player who currently plays for NEW YORK CITY FOOTBALL CLUB. 

Our mission is to create opportunities and also create a community with young footballer with good educational backgrounds. In modern football, is well understood every player needs basic education to at least a certain level where he or she can read and write. 

The foundation has got a strategic policy which supports the young talents not just playing football but also the players are given proper education at their various levels. Their tuition fees are been paid and also other educational materials for school are been catered for. About 20-30 players are been camped in a nice spacious house where they live as their home. In the morning they leave for school and return back around 3pm Gh time and have their lunch. Around 4.30 PM all the player are expected to be at the training grounds, they train together and come back to the house, have their dinner and spend quality time together till their bed time.

Well trained football coaches are been funded to give the young talents the best and required training to enhance their level of their performance daily. With the qualities of the coaches, they monitor the players individually and also give them advice. Test games are been organised to test their performances.

The football foundation positively welcomes young talents in Kumasi and other regions in Ghana. The foundation is opened to receive sponsorship to help develop young talents in Ghana to achieve their goals both in football and education which is very relevant in today’s world.


Assuring every soul of His God given talent


Our Core
values ___


discovering of life

Ofori academy foundation is defining life and destiny

Talent, Skill, Potential, and Ambition, but I would like to start by sharing my definitions with you.

Actually, before you read on, take a minute to define these words for yourself. It is a valuable exercise and I really think that there is a lot to be gained by thinking about it for a moment.

Talent ___

an equal combination of natural gifts, persistence, risk, and confidence. I believe that although the person who has been defined as “talented” has most surely been blessed with some indefinable quality that aids in the acquisition of skill, more is required. To achieve true “talent” one must diligently pursue mastery, take risks, allow for the possibility of failure, and be confident in one’s abilities.

Potential ___

unrealized talent. I believe that every person on this earth has potential. Every person has that one thing that they are naturally good at, and which they are also passionate about. It is then up to that person to realize that potential.

Skill ___

both potential and skill are required as one pursues talent. Skill is acquired through practice, persistence, repetition, knowledge, understanding, and hard work. The skillful artist has an in-depth knowledge of their craft.

Ambition ___

what a person dreams of accomplishing. One’s ambition relates to what one loves to do. To be ambitious means to have seemingly “unrealistic” goals, or rather to have goals which are perceived as being difficult to obtain. Your ambition is your dream, and the accomplishment that would mean the most to you as a person.

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